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Nunda, NY VeterinarianAilsa Currie Emo, DVM, Owner

Dr. Ailsa Currie Emo is the owner and head at the Nunda Veterinary Clinic. She decided to become a veterinarian when she was 4-years-old in her hometown of Pictou, NS, Canada. Being a veterinarian is truly Dr. Emo’s passion and she has never had a desire to do anything else. She has been with our hospital since July 2015 and is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Emo earned her Bachelor of Science (first class honors) degree in Biology from the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada. After college, Dr. Emo attended Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island. She earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2003 with First Class Honors. During veterinary school, Dr. Emo earned the Special Surgery Award, and still considers surgery one of her professional interests.

“The most satisfying part of being a veterinarian is educating clients so that they can make informed decisions towards the future of their pet’s health care,” Dr. Emo says.

At home, Dr. Emo has three horses, one goat, four cats, four dogs, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, a love bird, a hamster and five rabbits.. She is the mother to two children—Piper, age 13, and Brooks, age 8. In her free time, Dr. Emo enjoys camping, hiking, competitive horse riding, kayaking and transporting her kids to all their hockey and horse events.

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Nunda, NY VeterinarianToby Emo, DVM

Dr. Toby Emo was head veterinarian and owner of Nunda Veterinary Clinic. A native of Dansville, NY, Dr. Emo had maintained strong ties to the western New York area throughout his life.

Dr. Emo started his career at Nunda Veterinary Clinic as a Veterinary Assistant in 1997 after graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Animal Science. After attending Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island and earning his veterinary doctorate, Dr. Emo returned to Nunda Veterinary Clinic as an Associate Veterinarian. He purchased the practice in 2010 with the dream of designing a new, state-of-the art veterinary facility. Plans were well underway at the time of his passing and his legacy still lives on today.

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